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Fluent English In a job interview


Are you preparing for a job interview involving speaking English?

This course is for you if you want to know how to

  • to start a job interview

  • to greet and address people

  • to introduce yourself and talk about your past experience

  • to talk about your strengths and abilities

  • to talk about your weaknesses and list your hard and soft skills

  • to talk about your goals and salary

  • to ask

  • to use proper grammar during the interview

  • to be polite in English

In this course we will have

Exceptional and Entertaining English Learning

Follow-up email templates, model answers, tips and tricks to use

Learn when it's best for YOU

12 video lessons

Lifetime access, it's yours forever


Great Experience


The original price is $34.99 BUT it's yours for free, sign up to receive the FREE link

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