Past Continuous Tense

December 4, 2017

How to use the Past Continuous | What's the structure of the Past Continuous Tense


Past Continuous Tense - When and How to use the Past Continuous Tense





We use  the Past Continuous Tense


  • when a longer action was interrupted   


I was having a shower when the telephone rang.

I hurt my back when I was learning to dance the Charleston.

I swam a lot last summer.  - last summer’s gone, no more chance to swim again ‘last summer’ so it’s a finished past event 



  • when we talk about what was already happening at a particular time in the past


 Mr Pumpkin was reading his book at 4 o'clock.

 Madam, what were you doing at 10 o'clock last night?



What is the structure?


was / were + verb + ing


As we can ask and deny with 'to be' we can form questions and negatives like:


Were you reading in bed last night Mrs. Adams?

She wasn't reading in bed last night when Mr Adams got home. 


Learn with videos, further examples, funny situations - Tenses in the English Language | Visual Learning Course



Online Test - Past Continuous | Click and do the test


Printable exercise - Past Continuous


Printable exercise - Past Continuous and Past Simple 


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