Past Perfect Tense

December 4, 2017

How to use the Past Perfect | What's the structure of the Past Perfect Tense


Past Perfect Tense - When and How to use the Past Perfect Tense





We use  the Past Perfect Tense


  • when something had happened before something else in the past


I looked good because I had done my make -up earlier.

Mr Pumpkin knew the answer because he had read the book earlier.

Before she moved to New York, she had learnt a lot of English.


As we're talking about an action that had happened before another one, we use 'by the time...' and 'before...' very often in these sentences.


What is the structure?


had + verb 3 (past participle form) 

V3 --> speak    spoke   spoken


In questions and negatives:


Had everybody gone by the time he got there?

The flat was a total mess. They hadn't lived there for years


Learn with videos, further examples, funny situations - Tenses in the English Language | Visual Learning Course



Printable exercises - Past Perfect and Past Simple



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