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Present Simple Tense

When to use the Present Simple | How to use the Present Simple | Explanation of the use and structure of the Present Simple tense

Present Simple Tense - When and How to use the Present Simple Tense:

We use the Present Simple Tense

  • if we speak about something in general/ facts and we’re not talking about ONLY the moment of speaking:

I live in New York.

I don’t smoke.

My father speaks three languages.

They teach biology and chemistry.

  • when we speak about things that happen again and again and we would like to say how often they happen | So when you talk about habits, repeated actions or events you use the Present Simple

I go out sometimes.

I usually leave home at 8.15 to work.

I never eat meat.

We travel twice a year.

British children eat fruit and vegetables 5 times a day.

  • We also use when we speak about general truth

The sun rises in the East.

Water boils at 100 C (degree celcius or celcius degree - how should I say it)

Vegans don't eat animal products.

What’s the structure?

  • It’s a ‘simple’ verb structure so we just use 'one word'

I do, you make, they sleep

  • We have to be careful and after he/she and it the verb has an ‘s’ at the end:

he reads, she comes, it works

In questions and negatives we use do/ does and don’t / doesn’t

Do you live in NY? Does she live in NY?

I don’t smoke. Tom doesn’t smoke either.

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