Gonna - Wanna - Gotta - Dunno - Fav - Fab - Kinda | Slang in the English Language

February 5, 2018

What does Gonna mean? | What does Wanna mean? | What does Gotta mean? | What's the meaning of Fav? | What's the meaning of Fab? | What does 'Kinda' mean?

How to use gonna, wanna, gotta, fab, fav, kinda?

You can hear these English expressions every day but you're not sure about the meaning?



Gonna = Going to 


Gonna is nothing else but 'going to' and expresses future.


I'm not gonna go to this concert = I'm not going to go to this concert. 

What are you gonna do tonight = What are you going to do tonight. 



Wanna = Want to


I wanna go to the party = I want to go to the party

Do you wanna have a pizza? = Do you want to have a pizza. 





Gotta - (have / has)  got to


It's the informal alternative of to have to or must 


I/I've gotta do my homework. = I have got to do my homework

He/He's gotta talk to her tonight. = He has got to talk to her tonight. 





Kinda - kind of 


Kind of has a similar meaning to 'sort of' 

'What kinda music do you like?' 


Kinda - quite, rather


'What do you think about Richard?' ' I like him, I think he kinda looks like Richard Gere :-) '

'Well, to be honest I kinda like to live in the countryside.' 






Fav - favourite


'Do you like Reese Witherspoon?' ' yes, She's my absolute fav of all time.' = She is my absolute favourite of all time. 


You can also see this as 'fave'. There is a never-ending debate about it but it looks like they both are OK to use. 

You can read more about it here. 




Fab - fabulous 


'I bought this bag in the mall yesterday.' 'Looks fab, good choice!' = Looks fabulous, good choice.




Dunno - Don't know


'What's your plan for the future?' 'Dunno really.' = I don't know (really)..

















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