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Hi, my name's Bianka. 


I graduated with an English Language Teacher degree and have been teaching since 2002.


I am also a qualified TEFL English Language Teacher,  TEFL Business English Teacher,  TEFL Advanced Grammar Teacher,  TEFL One-to-one Teacher. 


I used to work in an international sales environment for over 10 years and participated in international meetings, fairs, and exhibitions. 


I'm also the Founder and Content Creator of BubbleBee TV. 


Let's learn together! Greetings from the sunny south coast of England!


Meet The Team

Rowena Clark 

,who has brought her professionalism and expertise along with many valuable suggestions has been with us since the very start of BubbleBeeTV and is truly the best colleague I’ve ever had.

I’m lucky enough to call her my friend as well.

Alexandra Dikaia

, who is not just one of my best friends but a big contributor and I have to thank to her hugely for the unbelievably beautiful design of the Games and her constant support.

Andreia Dieter Reis

, who is also a content creator, an amazing English Teacher and a very good friend of mine.

Many people have contributed in a variety of ways to BubbleBeeTV.

Special thanks to my husband and sister who are really my the biggest support and last but not least, thanks a million to ALL OF YOU, who give me ideas, support, kindness and love day after day.

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BubbleBee Learning

West-Sussex, United Kingdom

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