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August 8, 2018

In this brilliant video you can find 5 ways of saying 'IF' without actually saying it. 

"'If' is a word that is often used to introduce conditional sentences. It's not the only way though. In 90 seconds Dan demonstrates five different expressions that have the same or s...

July 4, 2018

What's the difference between quiet, quite and quit?

I know mixing them up is a common mistake, so here's a short video - check it out: 

Quiet means making little or no noise. 

Example: Please be quiet, the baby has just fallen asleep. 

Quite means completely, fully,...

June 6, 2018

Read about the English traditional Friday meal  Fish and Chips. Learn some vocabulary and check out my video of having one.

How did I know it was Friday?

My ex-manager showed up in the company kitchen with a proper 'Friday meal' - Fish and chips

There was no doubt it w...

April 1, 2018

What's April Fool's Day? | Holidays | England

It’s celebrated every year on 1st April by playing practical jokes and pranks on people and the victims  are often called  April fools.

This is the day when you can be a little mischievous and be easily fo...

February 14, 2018

When and How to celebrate Valentine's Day | What's the origin/history  of Valentine's Day

February 14th is just around the corner which means people all over the world are seeking ways to express their love and admiration to their loved ones.

Originally a day to honour...

February 9, 2018

Than and then may seem similar but they are different graphically, phonetically and grammatically. They can be used in several ways  and bellow are the most common uses for both.

Than, pronounced /ðan/, is used in comparisons between two elements.


February 5, 2018

What does Gonna mean? | What does Wanna mean? | What does Gotta mean? | What's the meaning of Fav? | What's the meaning of Fab? | What does 'Kinda' mean?

How to use gonna, wanna, gotta, fab, fav, kinda?

You can hear these English expressions every day but you're not sure...

January 21, 2018

Test your level of English  and also find what you should know at each level from A1 to C2 according to the Common European Framework. 

The six reference levels (see below) are becoming widely accepted as the European standard for grading an individual's langu...

January 21, 2018

How to Introduce yourself in English | Practice Introducing yourself in English | What to say about yourself in English |

First impressions count.  It's very important to introduce yourself clearly and effectively. Let's see some tasks to practice Introducing yourself i...

January 21, 2018

Learn English with movies | Enjoy learning English | Real English Learning 

Hi my lovelies, 

Let's watch the movie, Notting Hill together then answer the following questions, discuss the topic, enjoy the movie and enjoy learning English! 

You can find the Answer...

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February 9, 2018

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