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English TESTS ONLINE - a new set every week for free

Are you busy and have not time for English courses? Do you want to keep your English fresh and updated?


Practise on the way! 

Grammar | Vocabulary | Communication 

Learn English with our online tests weekly. It's free and makes you practise 'real English' week by week.


The tests includes idioms, expressions, phrases and tenses questions. 

You can do it on your phone, tablet or PC.

English courses and lessons online 

  • Save time and cost of travelling

  • Learn English from home

  • When it's best for you

English Grammar Basics Course no.1

All 12 Tenses and Verb Structures

Understand and master the usage of all verb tenses including present, past and future, explained in short and funny videos.

Visual, video-based learning
  • past, present and future tenses

  • simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous verb forms

  • what are the differences and connections between them

  • 20 videos, online tests, e-book, workbook and progress sheet

English Grammar Basics Course no.2
Reported speech, conditionals, if-sentences, modal verbs

Understand and master the usage of reported speech, conditionals and if-sentences and modal verbs, explained in short and funny videos.

Visual, video-based learning
  • He said..., She said...; say and tell in reported speech, a super easy very visual strategy to help you remember the structures in reported speech

  • Zero, first, second, third conditionals; the use of: I wish, If only, In case, In case of, Just in case, Unless, As long as, provided, providing

  • Can, could, be able to, manage to, be capable of, may, might, must, have to, need to, should, ought to; modals and certainty

Fluent English over the phone

Improve your grammar and vocabulary and handle phone calls with confidence | Speak fluent English over the phone ​

Fluent English in the job interview

Improve your grammar and vocabulary speak English fluently in the job interview 

Free Monthly Printable 

Smart Is the New Sexy

Spend some minutes with practising English every day.

Print out the pages monthly, do the tasks, enjoy the exercises, Stay in the Game, Stay Smart

English Lessons Online

  • save time and cost of traveling

  • learn English from home when it's best for you

  • try the personalized English lessons or the 20 minutes chit-chat about something happening in our 'big world' 

Jana S.


I love your work, I always learn something new, thanks :-)

Rajeev S.

Please, make more video tutorials, I would like to take all of your courses in the English Language. I wish I had a teacher like you in my childhood. I would have improved a lot by now. 

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