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Online Grammar Course - Countability

much | many | little | a little| few | a few | a lot of | lots of | plenty of | some | any

Viviane, Brazil

Now I got it! After thousands of explanations, I finally understood! Thanks, you're an amazing teacher!

Viktoria, Hungary

Skillful combination of text and pictures, nice graphic design, I like it:-)

Tomo Miyamoto

If you'd like to understand the concept of countable/uncountable nouns, it would be one of the best solutions. This course clearly focused on it. In case if you want to learn other topics, you'd better look for another one anyway.

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By the end of this course, you will

  • have a clear understanding of the differences between

        much / many • little / a little / few / a few • a lot of / lots of / plenty of • some / any


  • remember when and how to use them

  • know how to use and form plurals of countable and uncountable nouns

  • love learning English grammar!

What is guaranteed?

  •  lifetime access to 10 videos  • e-book  •  workbook  •  progress sheet

  • downloadable product, works on iOS, Android or any browser

  • time saver - no need to travel to a course

  • you can  learn whenever you want to

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