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English Grammar Basics no. 1  - English Tenses

present | past | future
simple | continuous | perfect | perfect continuous 
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Understand and master the usage of all verb tenses including the present, past and future, explained in short and funny videos.
Learn them in a few hours and remember them for the rest of your life
Are you taking an exam?  
Or do you just need help to understand and systemize the tenses in the English language?

What my students say

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Exceptional and Entertaining English Learning

Super fun

Learn when it's best for YOU

Full of visual explanations

Lifetime access, it's yours forever


Great Experience

What is this course about?

This course is a visual aid to help understand and memorize:


  • past, present and future tenses

  • simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous verb forms

  • when and how to use the tenses, verb forms

  • what the structures of them are

  • what the differences and connections are between them


It helps you to prepare for an English Exam, like TOEFL, Cambridge, IELTS…etc.

Certainly, it’s useful even if you only want to refresh your grammar in an amusing quick way.

How is it different from other grammar courses?
  • there are  more than 20 video stories  and numerous slides with pictures and illustrations to help you memorize when and how to use the tenses

  • The Focus lessons and the Recap are designed for quick summarizing and recapturing  in case you only have a few minutes to spare

  • There are Quizzes at the end of the lessons to check your understanding

By the end of this course, you will

  • know when and how to use the tenses in the English language

  • memorize the verb structures

  • love learning English grammar!

What is guaranteed?

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  •  lifetime access to 20 videos  • e-book  •  workbook  •  progress sheet •  online tests

  • downloadable product, works on iOS, Android or any browser

  • time saver - no need to travel to a course

  • you can  learn whenever you want to

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