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What you do with love and good spirit you will never forget! 


Online Grammar Course  - Tenses in the English Language
Visual, video-based learning
  • past, present and future tenses

  • simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous verb forms

  • what are the differences and connections between them

  • 20 videos, online tests, e-book, workbook and progress sheet

Are you taking an exam? 

It helps you to prepare for an English Exam, like TOEFL, Cambridge, IELTS…etc.

This course is a visual aid to help understand and memorize the tenses in the English Language with short and funny videos.

Certainly, it’s useful even if you only want to refresh your grammar in an amusing quick way.

You can learn the tenses in a few hours but thanks to the visual explanations you’ll remember them for the rest of your life.

You can also use this course as a ‘first aid kit’ and check back from time to time if you don’t remember the usage or structure of a tense.

The Focus lessons and the Recap are designed for quick summarizing and repetition of them, in case you only have a few minutes to spare. 

The other lessons show each tense one by one to help you understand the usage and structure of them separately.

There are Quizzes at the end of the lessons to check your understanding.

This course is built on:

  • videos

  • E-book

  • Workbook and online tests

  • Progress Sheet


There are 20 videos, the Intro, 18 lessons and the Recap.

The E-book is an important part of this course, so don’t forget to read the relevant chapter after each lesson.

Online Grammar Course  - Countability in the English Language
Visual, video-based learning
  • have a clear understanding of the differences between ​​​ ​

much/many  little/a little / few / a few   a lot of/lots of/ plenty of  some/any​​

  • when and how to use the tenses, verb forms

  • what the structures of them are

  • what are the differences and connections between them

Online English Lessons
  • save time and cost of traveling

  • learn English from home when it's best for you

  • try the personalized English lessons or the 20 minutes chit-chat about something happening in our 'big world' 

Fluent English in a job interview

Are you preparing for a job interview involving speaking English?

This course shows you how  

  • to start the job interview

  • to greet and address people

  • to introduce yourself and talk about your past experience

  • to talk about your strengths and abilities

  • to talk about your weaknesses and list your hard and soft skills

  • to talk about your goals and salary

  • to ask

  • to use proper grammar during the job interview

  • to be polite in English

  • It includes follow-up email templates, lots and lots of model answers, tips and tricks to use.

Fluent English over the phone

Are you afraid of speaking English over the phone?

Do you have to handle phone calls with foreigners ?


Is it difficult to understand them and express yourself the way you want to?

This course shows you how to

  • make a phone call

  • receive calls

  • hold and transfer the calls, record a voice message, take and leave messages

  • handle difficulties and end the call

  • be polite in English

  • greet and address people 

It gives you alternatives to the spelling alphabets and presents the names and pronunciation of the special characters.

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