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Valentine's Day

When and How to celebrate Valentine's Day | What's the origin/history of Valentine's Day

February 14th is just around the corner which means people all over the world are seeking ways to express their love and admiration to their loved ones.

Originally a day to honour saint Valentinus, it has come a long way to become the celebration we know today.

It is believed that he was imprisoned for ministering to Christians and persecuted under the Roman Empire for marrying soldiers who had been forbidden to get married. Legend says that, while in prison and right before his execution, he left a letter to his jailer’s daughter signing it

“Your Valentine”.

The expression of romantic and courtly love started around the 14th century with the poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer.

However, it was only in 18th century England that the day became an occasion for courtship and card and gift giving. To this day, the written word remains the vehicle by which millions express their affection on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Wordsearch Game - Valentine's Day English Learning Games

See the Answer Key at the bottom of the page!

Test - Valentine's Day (B2 and upper)


In the UK, exchanging cards is such a common practice, I believe we all have that one box in our wardrobe filled to the top with cards.

I … all the Valentine’s cards my husband has got me since we … still dating.

A) have kept / were

B) have been keeping / are

C) had kept / were


You can find stacks of chocolate boxes in every supermarket in town. … any chocolates this year or … for something else?

A) Are you expecting / you ask

B) There are you expecting / did you ask

C) Are you expecting / did you ask


Every year, gift giving remains the number one practice around Valentine’s Day. … , I’ve heard increasingly larger numbers of people are choosing experience-gifts to do together … of a regular gift.

A) Instead / however

B) However / instead

C) However / however


What would you say if I gave you a one-day spa with all treatments included at a fancy hotel in town?

A) Break a leg!

B) A hail storm, are you kidding?

C) That sounds fantastic!


How about a go-karting experience? … you go if your sweetheart … you?

A) Did / invited

B) Do / invited

C) Would / invited


Some prefer going out for a romantic dinner. Do you reckon that could be a nice idea?

That’s ... my favourite option!

A) any far

B) by far

C) very far

7. Underline the correct answer

I thought about hand making a Valentine’s Day card this year and, instead of a simple message, writing some poetry.

I’m particularly fond in / fond of poetry and I hope my partner will appreciate it, after all it’ll truly come from the heart. To achieve that, I’ll need to go to a crafts shop and pick off / pick up some card paper, shiny bits and a special pen. I’m looking forward to / looking fortnight to doing it.


How about you? … any plans for Valentine’s Day this year?

A) Won't have you

B) Have you got

C) Will you have


What’s the best surprise you … on Valentine’s Day?

A) haven't never been given

B) have ever been given

C) haven’t have

10. Underline the correct answer

If/Unless you give your loved one a card and want to write something special in it, think about / on what that person means to you, how she/he makes you a better person and how fond / keen you are on spending that special day together more than/then anything else! It’s all about celebrating love and life after all, isn’t it?

Answer Key:

1 A

2 A

3 B

4 C

5 C

6 B

7 fond of, pick up, looking forward to

8 B

9 B

10 If, about, keen, than

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