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Fish and Chips

Read about the English traditional Friday meal Fish and Chips. Learn some vocabulary and check out my video of having one.

How did I know it was Friday?

My ex-manager showed up in the company kitchen with a proper 'Friday meal' - Fish and chips.

There was no doubt it was Friday! He never missed the 'regulars'.

I have to be honest with you guys, I tried this dish more than three times in my first couple of years in England but it made me wonder every time what the miracle of it could be.

I think it's 'the ritual'. It takes time to fall in love with the feeling when you queue up in front of a Fish and Chip shop on a Friday evening, feeling exhausted after yet another week of the rat-race.

Now, whenever I smell frying and suspect a cod sizzling in the oil, I feel free, happy and immediately get into the Fri-Yay mood.

Check out this video of having the famous Fish and Chips on a sunny Friday.

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