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Expressing future with 'to be going to'

How to express future with 'to be going to' | How to use 'to be going to' | How to use 'gonna' | Is 'gonna' 'to be going to'

Expressing the future with 'to be going to ' - When and How to use 'to be going to'

We use the 'to be going to' structure to express future with it

  • when we can see a sign, something that makes us think that something is going to happen, a sign

The woman is laying the table. They're going to have dinner.

Mike is packing his suitcase. He is going to travel somewhere.

  • when you when you intend to' or 'have an intention to' to do something but maybe it's just a decision without arrangements, it's just a plan.

What are you going to wear tonight?

If the weather is good this weekend I'm going to swim in the sea.

Oh, no! I don't fit into my wedding dress! I'm going to go on a diet. ' 'What are you going to be when you're grown up, Josh? - I'm going to be a footballer, Aunty Sarah'

​​The slang 'gonna' is nothing else but 'going to' so when you hear:

I'm not gonna go to this concert = I'm not going to go to this concert What are you gonna do tonight? = 'What are you going to do tonight?

What is the structure?

am/is/are + going to + infinitive (simplest) verb form

In questions and negatives:

What are you going to do with the rubbish in your garden?

I'm not going to go out with you tonight.

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