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Video Fest - Notting Hill

Learn English with movies | Enjoy learning English | Real English Learning

Hi my lovelies,

Let's watch the movie, Notting Hill together then answer the following questions, discuss the topic, enjoy the movie and enjoy learning English!

You can find the Answer Key at the bottom of the page.

Here't the Trailer of the movie, watch it and answer the 'before watching questions'

Before watching the movie

  1. What do you think the genre of this movie is?

  2. Why do you think the title of the movie is 'Notting Hill'?

While watching the movie

  1. What does’s the tattoo say on the man’s arm?

  2. What’s written on the sign on the Travel Book shop? (can be read from inside only)

  3. What names does Anna have because of privacy?

  4. What magazine does William pretends to be from?

  5. After they break up, how many girls does William dates?

  6. Anna’s back in Notting Hill. While she’s having a bath Spike comes home with the newspaper in his hand. What three words is he’s saying on the way up on the stairs?

  7. When is Anna starting her next film in L.A?

  8. How many mistakes does she make while practising the script?

  9. Which actress has Anna been mixed up with by William’s colleague?

  10. How long is Anna finally intending to stay in Britain?

Quick questions after watching the movie

1. What’s the genre of the movie?

2. Who is the hero/heroin in the movie

Topic to discuss

Discuss what can be difficult when dating a star - find some ideas here:

  • being in the spotlight

  • gossip magazines - fabricated articles

  • star finds the other’s life boring

  • different amounts of free time

Answer Key

Before watching the movie

  1. romantic comedy

  2. Notting Hill is a part of London where the movie takes place.

  3. Anna Scott is a famous actress and William has an ordinary job. He’s a bookstore owner in Notting Hill, London. They meet by accident and it’s love at first sight. Because of their different lifestyles and backgrounds it takes time for them to be together forever. The movie is a happy ending story where love conquers everything.

While watching the movie

  1. I love Ken

  2. Back in 5 minutes

  3. Character's name e.g Mrs Bambi

  4. Horse and Hound

  5. 3 (the red haired girl, the fruitarian and the 'perfect')

  6. brilliant, fantastic, magnificent

  7. on Tuesday

  8. 11

  9. Demi Moore

  10. indefinitely

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